Yes, the NSA can intercept your emails.

I cannot emphasize the importance of such rhetorical analysis. This blog post dissects the fragility of our information, how easily jeopardized it is. But it also points to something larger: apparently, as we can see with the effort and means implemented to obtain the information of everyday American citizens as well as international citizens, our information–everyone’s information–is valuable. Why would such methods exist otherwise?

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At least that is the claim they make found in this article. However, one only needs to do a quick search to see what they are building like their new $2 billion “data center” or that they have, in fact, targeted emails as the New York Times reported. Meanwhile, independent security researchers have already figured out ways to intercept email on their own.

So, what’s up with NSA Boss Keith Alexander claiming they do not have this capacity?

Well, it may be the way Rep. Johnson is phrasing his questions. He says, “I want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing. An American emailing another American about Dick Cheney. Does the NSA have the capacity to find out who those parties are by the content of their email?” Alexander responds with, “We [the NSA] don’t have the technical insights in the United States, in other…

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