when your light is dark green

I ain’t sitting on this shelf anymore

no longer the text that weighs heavy in your arms.

Jumped this bitch—dove through pages like wind

took it all like nothing

“Oh she knows what sacrifice looks like.”

Try taste like.

There were nights, working like clinicians.


Shields come in threes—

Voices bent on ignition:

Careful lips  *  hell-bent tongues

And a whole lotta

“You can’t see son, we done fuckin run!”

These nights are ours;

Your pretty little dysfunctions

We cracked it – like glass

hammers pinging blue.

Houses stopped creaking with age

When we coming down your street,

They groan in frightful delight.

“Midnight is nothing, honey. Go to bed. You’re talking in your sleep.”

Oh, did we make it rhyme

Like ticks electrocuting your clocks



letters goddamn dropping from the ground.

I told you once, twice—things fall up,

not down.

It’s okay.

It’s all okay.

Grab your lantern and your flask.

The moments you give up chasing, you’ll lose

the traces where the trees meet grass

long-stalked and wild.


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