A small thought from yesterday that will become an essay soon

Currently pondering the possibilities of how the last year of protests will be reflected in history. Though MSM buries much, so many of us know how Occupy has impacted our lives in several significant cultural discourses. Those of us within this movement, and on the fringes, articulate demonstrably shifting language of what it means to live in revolution. We can argue, disagree with hegemony, fight amongst ourselves, but we are still talking within a language that questions who we all are. No matter what, the outcome of what it means to be an American and a global identity is changing simply by our questioning and protesting. Throughout many centuries, it is this assertion to challenge systemic power that has brought about monumental social change. It need not worry us how “effective” this change appears on the surface of a year, or even a few. What matters is that we don’t stop. We’ll never really know what our efforts mean in the large scheme of time. What withstands is the memory that something was fought for with a ferocity that refused to accept anything but what we all deserve. That has always been and will always be: human rights. In this way (and many might not agree), it’s even okay that we have misogynist arguments like those at #NatGat. The fact that many are there tackling language constructions about identity is tantamount. It’s just what dominant discourse doesn’t want. Dominant discourse wants us passive and coerced into patriarchal modes of capitalist ideology that tells us who we are. Instead, those of you there are embodying a praxis of defining a new identity within a very young movement. I couldn’t me more honored to know some of you, and even more happy that we have within this country people willing to define who they are. All I can say is thank you. I know you, and we, are all struggling, fighting, and risking very real threats on the quality of our lives. We have already changed so much in such a little amount of time. To think on that gives me peace. We are making something new and beautiful. My mind will never give up. My heart will never cease. I love all of you for everything that you do. It’s a perfect time to be alive.


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