Reservoir Gray

Written 2.15.04

I killed Orange today. He kidnapped Red and beat him to a bloody pulp. Green was in it too, he drove the van. I’m looking for him now. I went to tell Purple that we have to find him and kill him also, but Purple was dead when I got to her house. There she was, with her daughter Pink, lying in a pool of her own blood on the kitchen floor. I sent her husband, Blue, into the witness protection program so we won’t see him for a while. He couldn’t take the pain and we can’t lose him. All that is left is Black and White, plus myself. I know that Gray set Orange and Green up to do this; they do work for him. Damn Mafia! Oh no, what is that? Shit, its Gray. He just shot me. Everything is blurry and I lost sight of White. All I see is Black. He’s been shot too. Gray whispers into my ear, “I’ve killed everyone, even Green. The only one left is Blue. Where is He?” “I’ll never tell.” I say for my last words. Gee, what color am I?


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