Read someone else for a change.

I was driving home from a meeting with my fellow first-year comp profs/peers and our mentor, the great Jackie Rhodes, and I realized that my blog sorely lacks the imprint of voices other than mine. I’ve shared with you all twice now my interest in jopauca’s work. If you have had the pleasure of glancing at his voice, you know his way with words. You may see why I find his conversations in the public sphere essential to generating thought. New epistemologies don’t just come from outta nowhere–they must be seized by constant vigilance to reading and accessing information.

Therefore, I am linking another blog I find highly informative and intriguing. This person was kind enough to give me a compliment on my work, and I take that as a sign of ethos in this oeuvre that I’m purporting. So if you were me, you’d find much enjoyment in the succinct and satisfyingly hard-hitting of Ely’s vocal pen. Enjoy.

(I’m working on a post that concerns activism, ontology, and properties of metaphysical subversion)


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