the company is a disease

13. What’s happening to markets is also happening among employees. A metaphysical construct called “The Company” is the only thing standing between the two.

I’m going to spend just a little bit of time writing about why this is, and the tautology of association. I might be a little Marxist without trying; I might not give a shit; I might also make a point.

But I won’t hit it home. Not yet, anyway.

So, I’ve been dreaming a lot about donuts lately. I am craving them. Mostly I think this is because I want to gain weight, even if that is totally not what I need to do. But, so yea, donuts.

You all may know by now that my philosophical base are belong to Derrida. What’s more, I’m in love with the only living Foucault around, so I’m all kinds of subversive-fuck-up-language-until-it-means-something-again.

Therefore, I will constantly argue that there is no outside. Markets are people. Employees are people. Fallacy will tell us, then, that markets are employees. But logic only gets us so far; fallacies are phallocentric.

And tautologies are fun. They actually comprise everything we do. Metaphors create a tautology. So do similes. And the semi-colon and colon function punctuationally that way as well. To go full Derrida would mean that I would argue that everything we are is simply a tautology for the sun. Another day, another [T]hesis.

The problem isn’t that this is a tautology to castrate the phallocentricism of fallacy. The problem is that “The Company” infects the reality of who markets and employees—us—are.

We are all the market. Marketers market to any human capable of contributing to the capitalist system of consumption (which used to be a term for a disease back in the day). We are all employees when we contribute to being the market.

What I mean to say is this: we are all working inside the system that defines us. Foucault would say even deviance is an identity that doesn’t escape the panopticon. By not consuming, we are consuming an identity of deviance to the capitalist system that runs everything. And don’t forget about globalisation! It is everywhere.

Thesis 13 tells us that the panopticon/company/phallocy/et al. is what gets in our way from being who we are.

Instead of having the luxury of time to discover and play with who we are, and then make the world what we want, we have this systemic construct deciding and playing with us against us. I call that oppression–or a really lethal cough.

To continue soon. (ie: I have two more thesis to write today)


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