Post Five for English 658

I have been questioning my own assertion that we should teach code in our composition classes. Perhaps I feel it is more important to teach students to be more aware of the role technology plays in their lives. To ask them: how and where do you compose yourself in your various spaces? Why do you pick these spaces, and what do you get out of composing there? The identity of the writer depends upon where they are writing just as much as what they are writing. A space defines what can be said. A discourse community will shape how. We can create curriculum around showing and encouraging students to look critically at how language, identity, and ideology function in the social spaces to which they already belong, thus subverting the familiar and the everyday-taken-for-granted. What do you think this will offer them?


One thought on “Post Five for English 658

  1. As I read the Peterson article, I came to see that my disinclination to pursue online writing would not annul the historical process but cede the field to others working perhaps at purposes afoul of my own. After all, I do have standards which others so slothfully regard as unnecessary, I think, because they require some intellectual discomfort, like keeping singlar pronouns singular consistently. Yet Peterson does not tell us that we have to compromise our standards in the fray of online v. offline learning. She does tell us, though, that we will lose something if we insist on turning blind eye to that fray.

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